Damage Report

Well. This didn’t go well.

From what we understand, a party of newbies took up the quest to grab that “treasure” in Fibbin’s museum. You were right. It WAS a gun. Revolver, too. We were a bit slow on the draw this time. Turns out Marshall himself had made an appearance, and the party that nabbed the gun was less than delicate about it. Before we had even heard of what was going on, a crowd of Riders had shown up on Tarn’s doorstep. They muscled their way into the party’s dealings and found out about Higgins.

This is where things kinda went south.

See, we’d gotten word about an NPC wanting to meet one of us. So I went. By the time I got there, Higgins was all KINDS of dead. I guess the Riders got to him first, likely thanks to the party that took his quest in the first place. Our guys spotted them talking with the riders for a bit during and after this whole thing.

So I’d be on the lookout. If the Riders already have their claws in these newbies, that only strengthens their hold on Arlestrous. Hopefully we’ll be able to ally with at least a few of them. I’ve already got word of one of them who looks a promising candidate.

In the mean time, send a few more guys my way. The Riders are getting a bit too comfortable here.

We can’t have that.



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